10 Healthy Ways to Manage Your Mental Health This Holiday Season!

I am going to keep this part short and sweet so we can get to the part that we are all here for. Regardless of the time of year, we should always be looking for ways to manage our mental health. It is easy to mention during the Holiday Seasons because I think we all feel a little overwhelmed at times. The ten ways that I mention below are not meant for every single person, but I guarantee there is at least one on that list that could work for you if you just try it.

These are not put in any type of order for I have found that all TEN of these ways has worked for me at one point in time. It’s okay if it feels uncomfortable at first; anything new is going to cause some kind of change within you. Embrace that! That is how we grow!

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Say it with me…'Self-Preservation'

It is more than okay that you take time for yourself; regardless of the activity/event, you are spending your energy on. If you are at a Holiday party and need a breather, go outside. If you are working on something that is draining you emotionally, grab a book and escape for a bit. Whatever it is that you need to do to regain your composure, do that thing, and make no apologies for needing to take some time for yourself!

Write down your goals! (And don't be afraid to reach big!)

With 2018 right around the corner, it is normal to be excited about making certain changes, and wanting this New Year to be your best one yet. Instead of getting anxious about what could go wrong, focus your energy on what could go right! Create some goals for yourself that are both realistic, yet challenging, and get excited about what this new journey may bring for you. This New Year could be your best year yet, but it is up to you to follow through with what you want to accomplish. You can do it; you just have to believe in that as well.

Change something in your routine!

Now is the time to change something in your daily life! Maybe you have been wanting to wake up earlier so you can get more done before work. Maybe you have been thinking about meal prepping so you can stay on a healthier plan for your life. Maybe you just want to slowly remove caffeine from your morning ritual. Whatever the case may be…Now is the time to incorporate some change into your comfortable regiment. Again, change is good, and with that will come growth!

Start a NEW tradition!

There is always talk about traditions when the Holidays’ roll around. This year, create one for yourself that you could see yourself doing again a year from now, and so on and so forth. Traditions are great, and there is a reason for why they exist! When you create one for YOU, it will give you something to look forward to when the Holidays’ come around again.

Treat yourself!

This can be interpreted in a handful of ways! The Holidays’ are all about giving and do not get me wrong, that is what they are about, BUT! I do not think it is wrong for you to treat yourself this Holiday Season. Eat that piece of pie that you cannot stop looking at, or purchase that pricier item that you have had sitting on your wish list since last year. As long as you do your best to not go overboard, I do not see there being a problem with treating yourself every once in a while. “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Give yourself permission to relax!

I think we often forget that we are allowed to relax. I do not know about you, but I am always caught up in what I could be doing, that I also forget that it is more than okay to not be doing…anything. Take the time to relax if you need it. The Holidays’ are meant to give us a break from the fast lane of life; don’t make this time of year harder than it really has to be. Remember, you are ALLOWED to relax.  

Volunteer! Tis’ the Season!

Remember earlier when I said that the Holidays’ are about giving? Well, volunteering is a great way to show that you understand what giving is all about. There are so many ways to get involved, not only over the Holidays’ but year ‘round. It feels good to give and expect nothing in return. You may just be surprised by how much volunteering can fill you with tons of positive mental health!  

Call a distant family member! Catch up on good times!

If you do not happen to be around family, loved ones, or friends this season, do not be afraid to reach out to someone you know and love. You never know when one phone call can change the whole direction of your day. Pick up the phone; you won’t regret it.

Do your first 5K! (AKA get out and be active in some way!)

This one may be a bit of a stretch, but with the Holiday Season always being filled with 5K runs, and marathons to get involved in, I figured why not mention it here. Who knows? This could be the new tradition that you grow into loving more and more. Even if you decide to pass on the 5k, at least get outside at some point this season and do something active. There is a reason for why exercise is so beneficial for Mental Health. You got this!

Reflect on your year. What could have been better? And, can you change it in the year to come?

Take some time to look over the course of this past year. Recognize the areas that you struggled in, and the things that brought you some success. Take note of what you can work on, and bring with you into 2018 what you found of value from years prior. Do not allow this New Year to pass you by. Make it the year that you stopped making excuses, and you started making things happen! 

Did any of these ways pique your interest? Give that one a chance, and then try another one if you are feeling up to it. You do not have to suffer from mental illness to understand and acknowledge that mental health is important.

We all need ways to cope with the ups and downs of life. I am just trying to provide a few more so we can all work towards creating a better life for ourselves. Whatever it is that you celebrate during the Holiday Season, I hope it’s your best one yet!


Thank you for reading. I appreciate you!

Megan Lawrence