Book Review: 'Own the Day, Own Your Life'

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Let me just start off with the number one reason why I would highly recommend Own the Day, Own Your Life to anyone, and everyone: This book is important.

Let’s talk about the Author really quick, shall we? I first discovered Aubrey Marcus a couple years back, and to say that he is an interesting human being would be an understatement. His philosophy on life captured me from the beginning, and I have paid close attention to what he has said ever since. When it came to the debut of his first book, Own the Day, Own Your Life, I knew that I was going to take away something necessary from his written words as well. Aubrey did not disappoint. He has a special way of explaining, and breaking down a complicated science that is easy for anyone to digest…pun intended. Aubrey is someone who enjoys the gifts of the earth but understands what it takes to be a fully optimized human being. If nothing else, Aubrey is a prime example of what it means to strive for one’s fullest potential and successfully attain it.  

By now you are probably wondering what the book is about. Own the Day, Own Your Life is a book that will make you believe in the power of a lifestyle change. Regardless of where you are in your overall health journey, the layout that is set up for the reader is able to be applied to anyone’s life. Are you a human? Yes. Are you wanting to be your best overall self? You should. Are you looking for a program that will actually work for you? Aren’t we all? Own the Day, Own Your Life allows growth to occur, as well as room to fail. This approach to life is not about striving for perfection. It’s designed in a way to offer you the benefits of getting and feeling better, as well as learning how to live to the fullest. When we start to focus on our lives, one day at a time, we won’t have to worry about tomorrow or the weeks ahead of us. What we have are the hours in the day we are given, and Own the Day, Own Your Life reminds us that we can be our best at any moment.

Backed by over 300 clinical and academic references, Own the Day, Own Your Life is nothing short of credible in its research and rock-solid in its delivery. This is the kind of book that you highlight, dog-ear pages, and keep nearby because this isn’t just a book…it is a great reference for everyday use, and something that SHOULD be used each day.


“This is not a forty-day plan. This is one single day, lived one step at a time. If you have the courage to take the first step, the momentum of the practices you employ will propel you through your day and into a new optimized life – a life filled with the color, vitality, and story of an epic hero. Optimization is not self-deprivation.”


What Aubrey has done is put together a program that HE lives by. Not only is the information that he provides legit, but he is living proof that this one day at a time approach is guaranteed to work if you do not cheat yourself in the process. The 24-hour guide within Own the Day, Own Your Life is implemented by some of the world’s greatest athletes but can be used by those who are just now starting out on their health and wellness journey. What you are getting when you purchase this book is not just information being thrown at you; you are receiving all the hard work that has been put together just for you by a man who genuinely wants the best for all people. Aubrey has discovered a system that can work for anyone, and he is sharing those life secrets with you in Own the Day, Own Your Life.

If you have been craving a change in your routine, needing something to shock your system for the better, or looking for a ‘sign’ that will propel you in the right direction…look no further. Not only is this book worth reading from an educational standpoint, but it is filled with wit, candor, and authenticity that you simply cannot find in purely researched ‘health’ books. Aubrey Marcus is a force to be reckoned with, and his book, Own the Day, Own Your Life is a true testament to that.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.

Megan Lawrence