5 Podcasts That Have Influenced My Life!

Podcasting? Where to begin? Well, let’s start with the fact that podcasts have completely changed my life. That may sound a bit extreme, but hear me out -- It has changed my life in the way that there are literally thousands of free informative, persuasive, and entertaining episodes of whatever topic you may be interested in knowing more about. If you find yourself in a long commute, traveling a long distance, needing to kill the time, or maybe you just need something to distract you while you are working out, podcasts are useful tools to provoke interesting thought, offer new perspectives, and most importantly, get you out of your own head. (I know I am not the only person who needs help with doing that)

Maybe you have never listened to a podcast before and need a good place to start, or maybe you subscribe to many but are looking for more to add to your list – whichever the case, the 5 listed below have proven to me time and time again that they are worth listening to consistently. Keep in mind that what I have picked may not be your cup of tea, but they are merely just a suggestion and a good starting point for you to incorporate a new healthy habit into your life.

We are in a time where there is no excuse for being ‘bored’ or not having anything to do. At the bare minimum, you should put a pair of headphones on, subscribe to a topic that you are interested in, and go for a walk. Podcasts are an amazing way to open our minds to so many possibilities, live vicariously through a life that we have never walked before, and ultimately, get talking about issues that need to be discussed.

In the below, I have ranked my favorites, but that is not to say that number 4 is so much better than number 5. Each one of these podcasts just caters to a different part of me, but they are all incorporated into what I consider a more productive day. Knowledge is power people! Take advantage of the gift that is podcasts…IT’S FREE!

Number 5 - The Fighter & The Kid

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 7.57.42 AM.png

Bryan Callen (The Kid), and Brendan Schaub (The Fighter) have a great thing going! These two are hilariously honest, successful in whatever they do, and passionately interested in many things. Their guest list is never disappointing, which is littered with tons of other stand-up comedians, fighters, and just, all around interesting human beings with a unique look at the world. This podcast can always guarantee me with a great laugh, a new perspective, and a lesson learned. Bryan ends each episode with what he likes to call, “Dropping Knowledge,” and that segment provides just that. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone whose looking for a good mix of listening pleasure. They can cater to most of your needs!

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Number 4 - Congratulations w. Chris D'elia

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Chris D’elia – Honestly, I love him. I could just end it right there, but let me explain why I love this guy. His podcast is unique because he is a one-man show…well, besides his producer, but there isn’t an episode that goes by where he doesn’t, ‘wanna fire him’. I have become really into stand-up comedy over the past year or two, and Chris is a comedian that is always at the top of that list. When I found out that he was starting a new podcast, I knew it wasn’t going to disappoint. I have been a loyal listener from the beginning, and if you listen to his show, you know that the ultimate goal of all his fans is to become an ‘elder’. In the words of Chris D’elia, “This podcast is a cult, and if you aren’t a baby, y’cuda!” – I highly suggest listening so you can understand all this for yourself. You will be glad you did.  

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Number 3 - The Hilarious World of Depression

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This podcast was recently added to my queue, and as you can see, it has already made quite the impact on my choice as a favorite. What I love about this channel is how they truly get into what depression is like to live with, and the struggle people face when dealing with this. I am recommending this podcast to everyone, but I am ultimately targeting those who have never lived through depression. If this show was good at one thing, they would be good at putting a funny twist on a dark topic. The only way to defeat the stigma is by getting involved in learning about the topic that is stigmatized. We must learn to understand what we do not understand. Period. I am amazed at the message I take away from each and every episode. There is something for everyone in this very specific podcast.   

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Number 2 - The Mental Illness Happy Hour

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If I could credit any podcast with the ability to figure me out…it’s this one. I cannot say enough about this show, but what I will say is that I feel a whole hell a lot less alone than I did before I discovered the #mentalpod. Paul Gilmartin is one of those human beings that makes me want to speak my truth on a whole new level. He does NOT hold back from discussing uncomfortable topics, and he delivers such a comforting message to those who are truly interested in their own unique quirks, habits, obsessions, and thoughts. The Mental Illness Happy Hour has changed my life in the way that I am able to accept my life. If you are interested in learning more about anything mental illness…look no further. I have found that podcast for you! 

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Number 1 - The Joe Rogan Experience

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Last, and certainly not least, Joe Rogan. His podcasts are on the longer end of the spectrum, but you will find that a three-hour conversation with this guy is NEVER long enough. I have been an avid listener from the beginning, and he was the first podcast I subscribed to. I know I am not alone in my liking for this dude, because he always remains a favorite amongst the top-ranked podcast channels. There is an endless number of topics that Joe is interested in. I have listened to a three-hour podcast interview with him and a guy who specializes in all things coffee. Now, I know that may not sound interesting, but my point is that Joe can take any topic, make it exciting, and you will learn at least 3 things. AT LEAST. His view on life is why I keep coming back for more. He is interested in the truth, the facts, and keeping it real with his listeners. I could write a whole post on why you should give this podcast a chance. I will let you be the judge for yourself. Hit subscribe, and change your life.      

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I hope you atleast consider giving podcasting a chance! I would love to hear some suggestions below if you are already an active listener! Thank you for making it all the way through this list!

I appreciate you!

Megan Lawrence