Dear Mom, (Repost)

Dear Mom, (Repost)

Last year for Mother's Day weekend, I wrote a letter to my Mom to express some of the things I have never been any good at saying out loud. I decided to reshare that blog this week since the message behind it still remains true to this day. 

In this personal post, I write to the woman who is half of the equation for who I am today. It has been a bumpy 26 years, but she has always remained my Mom through the worst of it. 

I haven't been the easiest daughter to raise, but because of her, I have learned what is important in life. 

To all of the Mom's out there, whether you be single mom's, single dad's, or a loving guardian, YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT, and you deserve so much more than one day.

Happy Day Before Mother's Day! ❤️

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.