8 Truths My Tattoos Won't Tell You!

Let me just start out by saying, that we are all entitled to having our own opinions. We all go through life shaped by our experiences, what we were, and are exposed to, and how we learn to cope with that. It is only normal to assume that we all have different opinions on different matters. Today’s Topic: Tattoos. Some of us love them, others strongly dislike them, and then there is also this third party that is either or about them. If you cannot tell by now, I am most definitely Team Tattoo. I got my first tattoo within 72 hours of turning 18, and that was all it took. I knew that day that tattooing was something I would always have a love for.

There are a lot of misconceptions about people with tattoos. We tend to get thrown into a general category of person, and because of our desire to express ourselves in a different way, a reputation can be created for us that we never signed off on. For those that do not have any, or just cannot wrap their head around the idea of getting them, I do not expect you to understand my perspective, I just ask that you hear me out and do your best to try.

I have provided 8 truths that my tattoos would never be able to tell you just by looking at them. Some of them are truths I have had to say aloud to others, while others are just observations, and simply just MY truth about MY tattoos. If you have any ink yourself, I am sure you will be able to find something below that you can understand on a deeper level, but for anyone who is just trying to understand, please know that my tattoos are much more than skin deep. 

1.     “No, I most likely do not want to talk about my tattoos with you, a person I only just met.”

Contrary to popular belief, people with tattoos do not want to talk about their tattoos with strangers everywhere they go. This can be exhausting, and I will apologize if a sigh when asked this question, because I get it, I kind of asked for it. I do recognize that it is only normal for someone to ask about the obvious, but also, don’t ask about the obvious. I have found that I have always had much better conversations with those that saw ‘me’ before they saw the ink on my skin.  

2.     “I do not care if YOU think I will regret them one day.”

Please do not lecture me on why you think I will regret having tattoos when I am older. What exactly are you so afraid of anyway? That instead of having wrinkly skin, you will have wrinkly skin with ink? I totally understand that this is a generational issue, and some may never see eye to eye with me on this, and that is fine. Please know, that I do NOT lose any sleep over whether or not I will regret the tattoos on my body when I am older. In fact, I think I will love them even more at that time.   

3.     The meaning behind them continues to grow as I do!

All my tattoos have a deeper meaning, a story, and a reason for why they are there. As I have gotten older, I have continued to find a deeper appreciation for the art I have, and although the original meaning behind them remains, the message and lesson continues to grow as I do.   

4.     I did not get my tattoos for any kind of attention!

I will say that there is a percentage of people out there who get tattoos for the wrong reasons. They make impulsive decisions which lead to getting tattoos that hold no true value, or sentiment. I have made many impulsive choices in my life, but when it comes to tattoos, we should be patient, think about what we really want, and plan it out properly. Some people just want to fill space, whereas I take my time with mapping out ‘my story’. Receiving any kind attention for my tattoos was never my intention and that is not what I am going for.  

5.     Like my tattoos, I am constantly a ‘work in progress’.

I am not sure if I will ever stop getting tattoos. I think the time in between them will slow down, but as I age, my tattoos will also need to be taken care of. I live my life is a constant ‘work in progress’ and I am always looking for ways to improve; tattoos included. 

6.     My tattoos tell a story of my life (and survival) thus far.

Maybe one day I will share the meaning behind each tattoo, but until then, know that my tattoos can tell you a lot about who I am, and who I have been. The empty space is just a reminder that there is still so much to become, grow into, and create for myself. My tattoos express a part of me that is not so easily said aloud, but easier to be portrayed through ink and interpretation.  

7.     I am not a threat to you in any way just because of my tattoos.

The reputation of tattoos can give people a ‘hard’ impression of you, meaning, some do not know what to expect from those with visible tattoos. We can be viewed as criminals, delinquents, thief’s, or aggressive, and even though technically, I have been a criminal before, but that was not due to my having tattoos, that was during the throes to my addiction. Moral of this short story, my tattoos do not make me a harm to anyone. I may appear to be ‘tougher’ but this is a very false misconception when it comes to having tattoos. I am really just a softy with a black and grey outside.   

8.     My tattoos are no one else’s but my own, and I love them a little more every single day.  

My tattoos represent so much more than just ink on my skin. They are a huge part of who I am, and I still love them a bit more each day that I am given. To me, they are a representation of strength, patience, and being able to endure the worst of anything. My tattoos are mine, and no one can take that from me. That is a large reason for why I love them so much; They are mine, forever.

So, next time you think you may know someone or know what kind of person they are because they choose to put ink on their skin, please consider the option that you are wrong. You never know how beautiful people are on the inside just by judging the outside of them. Some of us just prefer to decorate the outside, and we are also not afraid to put ‘a bumper sticker on a Ferrari’.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate you!

Megan Lawrence

Don't let the tattoos of someone else keep you from getting to know them. Everyone has a story, and some use the art form of tattoos to express theirs!

Don't let the tattoos of someone else keep you from getting to know them. Everyone has a story, and some use the art form of tattoos to express theirs!