Growing into My Twenty Seventh Year of Life!

Growing into My Twenty Seventh Year of Life!

Welp, today I am 27, and even though I wanted to post this at 8 am this morning, I have been able to forgive myself for my procrastination (and not shame myself for posting at damn near 8 pm instead). In this post, you will find a few lessons I learned while being 26, as well as my intentions for the year ahead of me. I hope that you will be able to find something applicable to your own life within this post, as I am a believer that ALL lessons are universal. The situations may be different, but the message may carry a similar truth. I write to heal myself with hopes of healing others. 

This year, I plan to be making both some drastic changes, and some smaller ones; to my website, to my life, to my writing, and to my future.

26 was a year filled with loss, pain, joy, happiness, and Love. I am very much looking forward to what 27 has in store for me. Good or bad, I am growing into my twenty-seventh year of life with good intentions and a willingness to learn.

Thank you for growing with me. I appreciate you!